How to Play Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2

About This Page


For just over 20 years, the Pro Skater franchise has become one of the most iconic sports games ever and is known for its complex, button-smashing controls.

Although this video game might seem simple at first, there are many tips and tricks that you can follow to spice up the gameplay and will allow you to excel!

Not only will this page talk about the basic controls but it will also be the hub for information regarding other aspects in the gameplay--such as special tricks and hidden tricks.

Attatched here is the basic control list. These commands are the basis of the gameplay--more complex commands cannot be learned until these are mastered.

Basic Controls

Trick Type Command Whenever...
Ollie X On a flat surface
Flip Square+Direction In the air (via Ollie)
Grab Circle+Direction In the air (via Ollie)
Grind Triangle+Direction Approaching ledge
Manual Up+Down On a flat surface
Spine Transfer R2 Approaching joint half-pipes

5 Best Levels for Beginners

These are great spots to start out with and learn the basics. These levels mainly feature little-to-notraffic and are not easy to get lost in.

  1. Warehouse
  2. Hangar
  3. School II
  4. Skate Park
  5. Burnside
  6. *The underlined levels are ones that can be found in Pro Skater 1. The rest are in Pro Skater 2.*